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At September, we want you to have the best experience and know what your options and choices are, every step of the way. This way you can make an informed desicion and explore all the options so you can wear the perfect made-exactly-for-you dress of your dreams.

Dress adjustments are always necessary and the value they add despite the extra cost is just... So worth it.


I'm a size 10. A bogstandard 38. Always a M. You might be, too, and look way slimmer than me! Whatever your size is, it's all about how you carry the weigth and the distribution of tissue, fat and other bits. Every designer works with a standarized size chart they created. It's a great tool to see where you fit on that chart, according to your measurements but our bodies don't always conform to those standards. See where I'm going?

Bridal alterations done by a specialist ensure that the dress we order in your size will actually fit you perfectly, highlighting your best features, and providing comfort throughout your big day. So how do we do this?


At September, we add in an extra factor. That's the 'form and function'. The function part refers to the practical aspect of alterations making sure it fits and you don't run into difficulties later on. We hem the dress to the appropriate length, we takin in seams, shorten straps or adjust bits and bobs to ensure your comfortable. These are the must-do's. They are essential for making the dress wearable and ensuring it fits your body.

We go beyond that because if you can't wear it your way, why wear it at all? That's where form comes in, and it's all about the aesthetics, your essence, and the vibe you want to bring to the party. Don't want to cinch in your waist?

If it's not a structural must-do, then don't. Want to shorten the train because it alligns more with your vision. Chop it off.

Form and function go hand in hand to create a harmony.


While the additional cost of alterations might seem like a bummer, it's acutally an incredibly worthwhile investment in achieving a perfect fit. Alterations done by a professional like our freelance seamstress will give you peace of mind. When you look back at your wedding photos, you'll be thankful past you had so much attention to detail.

With multiple steps and fittings, delicate work and a level of expertise, it's a job that can only be excecuted by the best.

This level of customization is not something you can achieve off the rack. Off the rack means standard measurements and sizes. Always consider alterations as part of your budget, like shoes, earring and a veil are also part of the budget for your look.


After you got the call to pick up your gown at September, we try it on one more time and go over all the options. You're holding the reins in this process but we'll make sure you're informed about your options and how to achieve them.

We'll go bottom up and discuss hems, trains and splits. By pinching in the surrounding fabric, you'll see the difference it makes when we take out some of the fabric. We continue this process until we found an answer for everything.

That answer differs from person to person. Remember, it's function and form!

Right after that, you can easily fill out the form on our website to request a booking with our freelance seamstress. No need to use specific words or jargon. By formulating your wish in your own words, the alterations specialist will know how to translate this to bring your vision to life.

You meet up, she gets to work, and you come in again for another fitting to see if everything is to your liking. If not, no worries - repeat the process and when it's all perfect and wonderfull, you'll pick up the gown to take it home.


Bridal alterations are not just about the fit; they also offer you the chance to personalize your dress, to add a certain vibe. Add a lace trim, some decorative buttons, a piece of family heirloom. The options are endless, and the alterations process is your opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind gown that tells exactly who you are.

A perfectly tailored dress is the foundation of your look. Need more help? Any questions after reading this post? Give us a shout via our email address, and we'll make you fluent in bridal terminology.


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