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We can't wait to welcome you in our showroom! Before you book, please be aware of the following. We like to help you as much as we can so you can have a great experience and find The One at September! Thank your for taking the time to go through the following...


September takes a limited amount of appointments per day to provide a intimate one-on-one styling experience and consultation unlike any other.
You will be guided by seasoned professional stylist and owner of September, Laura, who genuinely cares about your vision.

We are open from Wednesday to Saturday, all by appointment.
This way we can be a safe space for anybody, and specially for the ones who find this process intimidating.


Our appointments are 90 minutes long, plenty of time to try on your favourite gowns. Need more time? Email us on hello(@) so that we can assist and accommodate your request.

Every bride is welcome at September for a total of 1 First Fitting Appointment, a max. of 2 Second Fitting Appointments and 1 buying appointment as needed.

A Pick-Up Appointment can only be made after email confirmation that your gown has arrived.

Please take a look at all our designers, their prices, and their lead times.

All prices are between 1500-1700 for short dresses, and 2600-5000 for longer gowns with most of them around the 3000 mark.

It takes about 6-8 months to make a gown. If you have less than 6 months, please contact us before making an appointment.

Our FAQ has some seriously helpful information on how to prepare and what to expect at your appointment.

No need to bring heels, we provide them for you. The best results are archieved with seamless underwear in nude or shapewear. No need to wear a bra as most of our gowns give amazing support.

We see your visit as an intentional act, not another shopping day out. Please note that therefore any cancellations will not be refunded.

Following these guidelines makes it fun for everyone! It helps you to receive an amazing experience whilst we can still be the small business we are.

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