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  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes, we are by appointment only, and it's great! It means you have our undived attentions for 90 minutes to try on all the dress you want, in a private setting.
  • What can I expect on my appointment?
    It's probably your first time trying on a wedding gown, and we know these things can be confusing. What you can expect on your fitting moment is an open door, open arms and an open mind. No need to worry, or feel shy about yourself, your choices, wishes or body. We value you as a person, and as a bride, however you want to look!
  • Who can I take to my appointment?
    Of course you want to share the joy of finding your wedding gown! We do recommend to limit the amount of extra guests to 2, max. 3. Choose people who will lift you up and will add to the experience so you can have the best time ever. ​ Please note that we really can not allow dogs and other pets or small children under the age of 12 as they might accidentally damage the gowns. Sorry!
  • How can I best prepare myself for my appointment?
    Good question! The best results are obtained when wearing nude, seamless underwear and a strapless bra (or go bra-less, even better!). Bring a hair clip or hair tie to pin your hair back. Please remember to wear minimal make up (face and neck) as not to accidentally damage our gowns. And please, book that spraytan after trying on our wedding gowns ;-)
  • How much is the appointment fee?
    We're kindly asking to pay the amount of €35 for every appointment made in the weekend, and €25 for every appointment made during the week. It's easy via PayPal or credit card, and deductable from your purchase when made within one month of your visit. Can't pay by PayPal? Reach out to us on hello(@) and we will get that sorted for you.
  • I need to cancel my appointment.
    Sorry you need to cancel, we were looking forward to having you in the boutique! Stuff does happen, so please give us 48 hours notice. That way we can rescedule you. Cancelling your appointment at any time results in losing your booking fee. You will need to book and pay again. If you need to reschedule, please use the link in your booking confirmation email!
  • I want to try on some gowns again before I make my decision, can I?
    Sometimes we just need try them on again. Make a second fitting appointment and write down which gown you want to try on again. It's best to reach your decision in those 45 minutes so we can get the gown ordered for you. Please note that this appointment is too short to try on other gowns you haven't tried on before. In that case, we recommend booking another first fitting appointment.
  • Where's the shop located?
    September's boutique is located in the Harmonie area of Antwerp. That's postcode 2018 for ya. We're in a commercial street between residential neighbourhoods. Parking in front of the door isn't always available. We recommend just parking up somewhere in the surroundings.
  • When should I start looking for a dress?
    We recommend to start looking for a dress 10 to 12 months before your big day. Deciding on a gown is something you should do in the 8 months time mark. Please leave enough time for alterations: 4 weeks at least.
  • I have less than 6 months left. Can I still find a gown?
    Uh oh! Make your appointment as soon as possible. There are some options available like buying a sample, a sales item or paying the rush fee.
  • What does a wedding gown cost at September?
    The full price range of our wedding gowns is between €1250 and €5000, with most gowns between €2600-3800. This excludes all bespoke and alteration costs, all other accessories like jewellery, veils and hair accessories. ​ Please take a look at all of our designers to see the price ranges
  • What size are the sample gowns?
    We really wish we could have stock a dress in every size. We tried to look at the average size and made choices based on that. We believe that anybody and any body deserves to have a good view of how a dress could look on their big day. Our samples are between EU size 38 and 44. Bare in mind everything will be made on your size! Most of our designers do not have a size limit.
  • I want a specific gown, can you order it for me?
    Before we order anything, we can try to recreate that gown with our existing collection and get as close to the look as possible. It takes some courage but if you're set on that gown, just go for it! The second option is to order a sample of the designer for you. This does come with an extra cost and not all samples are readily available all the time.
  • How can I pay for my gown?
    We have an electronic payment terminal in the shop. Remember to max out your card or temporarly up the limit on the card you will be using to pay for your gown. We accept Bancontact, Visa, MasterCard, and other big cards. We're asking a 50% deposit to order your gown. The other 50% will be required when you're picking up your dress. Without payment, we cannot order your dress!
  • I have a budget of ..., can you still help me?
    Our prices are very clearly communicated on our website. Please look at each designer to see if they fit your budget before making your appointment. Unfortunately, we can't pricematch you on anything.
  • I changed my mind and want to cancel my dress order.
    We're truly sorry to hear that you need to cancel your order, but none of our designers have a minimum cancellation periods. From the moment you paid your deposit, the whole process started. We send out your order to the designer, and they will begin making your gown. We would like to make you aware that failing to pick up your gown, and paying the open balance, will result in legal action.
  • How much are alterations? Are they necessary?
    To go from a really good gown to a perfect gown, it takes the skill of a professional tailor or seamstress. All gowns will come in a standard length, this definitely needs to be taken up. We do not offer in-house alterations but can recommend you some really skilled alterations specialists within the Antwerp region. How much you will spend depends on the skill and experience of said specialist, the fabric of your gown, your timeline, and your personal wishes.
  • I need help finding xyz, can you help me?
    We will try our best to link you up with the coolest vendors in the industry, but we aren't a walking directionary. We do gowns really well, and the rest kinda depends on your own taste and budget! With our background in hairstyling and make-up, we can always help you with styling recommandations!
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