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I'd rather talk about you but if I have to — I'm Laura, owner of September.

I've been in bridal for fourteen years and worked closely with so many wonderful brides when I was doing hair and make up to create the perfect look for them. Sitting them down in my studio space, and listening to them was always my favourite bit. Who are you, how can make you feel more 'you'.

My love for bridal actually goes way back. It started with a drawing my sister made when we were kids, just 8 or 9 years old, on a - and I'm really showing my age here - piece of fax paper. She drew a bride, I added a dress, she finished the look with a veil. We kept adding pieces to her look. We called her Antgonalia (we were weird), and from that moment, she was real.

The idea of being in the presence of someone who trusts you to make her feel more like herself is undeniably the most fascinating and grateful aspects of being a human. I'm forever passionate about how can I honour your wishes, built upon a concept, staying intentional, and add a layer of distinction to the tapestry of your life.


There’s no wrong way of being a bride, and that’s why our bridal styling is centered around you. September exists to redefine the bridal experience for you, the modern bride. We are dedicated to the concious, sophisticated bride to be, who's tired of traditional bridal rules and the defining image of how a bride should look.

We offer exclusive, unconventional styles and brands that sit between feel-good, fashion and bridal. Our gowns and accessories, created by mostly female designers, are a mix of classic meets cool: for the bride who loves to walk on the line between iconic and ironic, and relaxed and refined.

September stands for unique, detailed and impeccable styling that is heavily influenced by owner Laura's own taste, style and ideals. We float between concept and creation.


We believe that your bridal journey should truly be a meaningful moment, your dress the extention of your personality,  and your spending ethical.

With this in mind, we will help you reach your goal: to be a next level, mind blowing, unforgettable bride - ready to celebrate an unforgettable day.

Laura is thirty-something and lives in Antwerp with her Scottish husband and their cat, Holly Friendship. She sees the beauty in everything and loves fine dining just as much as a greasy spoon café. Staying in the Balmoral and camping in the wild. Designer bags and lucky finds in the second hand shop. She's a lover of adventure in every sense of the word, coffee dates, crisp white t-shirts, spotting shoes in her size in a vintage store, red wine, and helping you find your dream dress.

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