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Get your note books ready, bridal class is in session! At September we want you to fully understand what your options are without getting lost in the lingo. These things are supposed to be helpful but can often be so confusing.

September guides you through the maze of options so you can reach a decision and feel well-informed, in control, and confident.


Getting a bespoke or custom dress means you have the ultimate freedom. A bespoke gown is made for you from scratch by a designer, not only in your size but also according to your shape.

You will have complete control over every detail, from fabric choices to silhouette, to comfort and fit, and way beyond, ensuring a dress that's uniquely yours and guaranteeing a flawless fit that accentuates your best features.

When selecting a designer to work with, you'll receive unparalled quality; a skilled artisan who works with luxurious materials leaving no detail untouched.

Sounds like a dream, right? Bespoke for everyone!

But... A few 'cons' are that it is generally more time consuming. Crafting a bespoke gown requires multiple fittings, so be prepared for spending more time on appointments.

Can't have the cake and eat it, too. The level of customization and craftmanship associated with bespoke dresses comes with a higher price tag.


Made to measure means that an existing dress is customized to your measurements, offering a personalized fit without the extensive process. It's made in your size with your measurements but not according to your shape.

MTM gowns are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a beautiful and high-quality dress.

It's not as time-intensive as full bespoke, but you'll still need to wait a couple of months on your dress.

We're almost there: the gown is made according to your measurements but not your shape. You'll need a bit of alterations to make it fit like a fully bespoke gown would.

It's our favourite way to get a dress made: there are plenty of customization options but you won't get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options you have with fully bespoke, and the gowns come at a more afforable price point.

Our MTM brands are Alena Leena and Edwina O'Gorman, giving you the chance to make your gown just a little bit more you.


Made to order means the designer makes you a gown according to their size guides. Together with the designer, we at September see where you sit on their size guide and decide on a gown size. Alterations are always needed as these gowns are not tailored to your size or shape.

At other boutiques, there might be no (or very limited) personalization possible. But of course, not a September. Even our made to order brands offer some form of customization: switching fabrics, or the option of having white or ivory tones.

Often a little on the more affordable price point (not always) but keep in mind that you will absolutely need alterations, and these are best done by a professional seamstress. Best to keep some of your dress budget aside for those alterations.

Our MTO brands are ASAR and The Law. Made from luxury fabrics, with exceptional craftmanship, they are so happy to make you a gown which feels 100% you.


The 'it is what it is' option. Sold as seen. Off the rack clothing is something you see in any big or small retailer.

Off the rack dresses are ready to wear, making them ideal if you have a shorter timelines or those who prefer instant gratification. Off the rack dresses are often the most budget-friendly option, perfect for brides looking to save on costs.

If you are plus size or want extra personalization, or crave just a little bit more uniqueness, you might not find what you're looking for when it comes to an OTR dress.

Often only in standard sizes from European sizes 34-42, in certain colours and fabrics. Take it or leave it.

Wear it as it is if you're not fussed about a good fit, or take it to a professional seamstress to alter it to your shape and style.

Often very affordable when it comes to bridal wear, but it's not always the case!

Choosing the perfect bridal wear is such a fun moment but when unprepared those moments can feel like a slog to get through. Rest assured when we say September will guide you through the whole process - your dream gown is hanging on our racks, and with this lingo you'll be able to understand the process of buying a wedding gown like a pro.

Embrace the journey, enjoy the process, and most importantly, have fun finding the dress that makes you feel like the cool bride you are meant to be.


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