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The most exciting and crucial step in your wedding day journey is your wedding dress fitting.

Such an exhilarating experience! You get to try on lots of luxury dresses, made from the softest fabrics by the hand of the coolest designers. But on the other side; it's also normal to feel a bit nervous or unsure about what to expect. Trying on these luxury gowns isn't really a day-to-day experience for most people.

To help you prepare, we've put together this comprehensive guide on what to expect when you go for a wedding dress fitting at September.

The whole process exists of...

1. Before your appointment 2. First fitting appointment (and ordering your gown!) 3. Second fitting appointment 4. Pick up 5. Alterations

Blog starts under the photo.



Before you dive into the fitting process, you'll need to schedule your appointments. We only do private appointments. This way we can focus on what you like, without being bothered. It's a good idea to start this process well in advance, typically about 12-10 months before your wedding date. This allows for alterations and adjustments to be made comfortably without rushing. Less than 6 months before your big day? Eek! We'll guide you through the process and discuss the options with you.

TIP: did you see our blog post about how to have a successfull wedding gown journey?


You're not in this alone! Most of our brides invite a select group of 1-3 friends or family members to join them for the fitting. Make sure to choose individuals whose opinions you trust and who will provide you with constructive feedback. However, keep in mind that too many opinions can be overwhelming. You can definitly count on us for feedback. See us as a member of your bridal gang. We analyse your wants and needs, and listen to what you care about. TIP: did you read our blog post on how we figure out your style essence?


It really depends on the style of dress you are eventually going for but we gotta start somewhere. For the most accurate fitting, wear undergarments that "aren't there". Seamless underwear, shapewear, a strapless bra, or no bra. It really is up to you. Do you feel good in a bra? Wear it!

The correct underwear can make a significant difference in how the dress fits and feels. We will help you choose the right kind or show you lots of options for you to explore.



The initial fitting will usually involve trying on the gown in its current state, which might not fit perfectly yet. No worries, we do order it in your size! Every body is different, and even if we might wear the same size in conventional clothing, it's the little things that sets us apart. With clever pinning, clamps, extra pieces of paper or fabric, we can create a very good look on how a dress might fit you if it was in your size. A bit of imagination and trust in your bridal stylist will be your best assets during the process.

During this fitting, take note of any areas that feel comfortable, and the stuff that needs adjustment. Looking good is one thing, feeling good another. During our fitting at September, we focus on extending your personality towards a bridal look. You might come in with a set idea of what you want, only to realise you fell in love with the opposite of that!

Our number one goal: to make you feel supported in your choices. Don't apologise for your wishes and wants, body shape or doubts. We understand that this is a big thing, and can be confusing.


When you arrive for your fitting, we make sure we won't overwhelm you with semi-bespoke or bespoke options. When you try on a gown, we will let you know what you can add, subtrack, or change. Feel like changing a lot on a gown? Best thing to do is to take a step back, visualise the amount of changes and their cost, and see if it's best to just leave the dress as it is, or go for another style with less changes needing to be made to make it right for you. All bespoke options do come with a cost, depending on the designer so be aware of that!


Congrats! Saying yes and ordering your gown is such a pivotal moment in your journey. Thank you for trusting us. Ideally, you will place your gown order about 8-6 months before your big day. We will measure you completely, write down anything you might like to change, and take some photos for our designers. A 50% down payment makes it official so don't forget to bring your credit card! That same evening, your order is getting sent off to the designer of your choice.



If you're unsure about the gown after the first fitting, don't panic. It's not uncommon to have second thoughts, and it's not at all like popular TV shows: you don't have to cry or jump for joy when finding the one. Sometimes it's just a rational, calm desicion that just took some extra time.

At September, you can return for a second fitting to try on one or two gowns again. However, it's crucial to remember that you may need to make a decision during this second fitting. We typically require you to decide whether you want to order the gown or not, as to get the process started. It's no use to think about it, and to keep thinking about it, to eventually run out of time. Keep in mind: we do really need those 8-6 months to create you gown!



Our whole dress making process takes about 6-8 months. Once your dress is made and arrived at our store, we will message you. At your own leasure, you'll schedule a final appointment to pick it up. We try on the gown again, we give you our recommandations and off you go to our trusted seamstresses. This is something you need to do on your own. Now, the remainder (plus any bespoke alterations) is due. Bring your credit card to pay for the other half of your gown. We do not offer alterations in-house but work with trusted and experienced professionals, all with their own private ateliers. They will make your gown go from a solid, nice gown to a showstopping made-to-measure beauty. PS: we can add a bit of time on your appointment to style your gown with veils, jewellery or a quirky little handbag. Let us know before and we will make sure we give you a big more time in our agenda.



Alterations are an absolutely 100% essential part of the wedding dress fitting process. While many brides may hope that their gown will fit flawlessly straight from the rack, the reality is that each body is unique, with its own curves and contours. Even if we provided the designer with your exact measurements and photos, these details can only take you so far.

It's the subtle nuances of your body that can make a significant difference in how the dress fits and feels. The skilled hands of a seamstress or tailor are invaluable when it comes to customizing your gown to your specific shape, ensuring that it accentuates your best features and provides the comfort and confidence you deserve on your wedding day.

So, don't be surprised if your dress still needs some adjustments during the fitting process; it's all part of the journey to achieving your perfect bridal look.

Leave at least 3-5 weeks time for alterations. You will have 2-4 visits to the atelier. The cost of alterations depends on the chosen seamstress and requested changes. This cost is always seperate from the cost of your gown. Don't forget to bring your wedding shoes to your appointment!

Feeling inspired? We would love to meet you in a private 90-minute long appointment to help you reach your goals: being a cool as f*ck bride, ready to celebrate a cool as f*ck day!


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