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The ultimate dilemma: what do you do when you've narrowed it down to two stunning dresses that both you (and your friends and fam) love, and they're within your budget, and they both really feel like 'you'? This guide is here to help you make that tough decision and ensure that you walk down the aisle in a gown that feels perfectly you.

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Before making a final decision, think about the overall theme and location of your wedding. Does one dress align better with the ambiance and setting? A city wedding might call for a cool, slick mini dress whilst a venue with lots of greenery, and beautiful gardens begs for floral details. Castle wedding, go for a ball gown. It's gonna look so cool.


Take a moment to reflect on your own personal style and which dress leans towards that the most. We realise that it's sometimes tricky to answer that question: who are you exactly? And, how does personal style and wardrobe reflect in bridal wear when there are quite a few limitations with the latter. The absence of colour, the different silhouettes and accessories.

Look beyond and translate every day wear into its bridal cousin by carefully selecting the qualities you like in your day-to-day clothes. A blouse can transform into a v-neck style gown, as their necklines are similar. A turtle neck is just the Clark Kent of the halterneck style gowns.


Looking good and feeling good in your dress is top priority. The silhouette of the dress plays a significant role in how it makes you feel about yourself, your physical form included. At September, we're focussed on shining a light on your best parts, and not perse hiding certain features. Does one dress show off your curves more? Maybe the other one really spotlights your back. A straight forward list can figure out which gown creates the silhouette you're feeling the best in.


Consult trusted friends and family, but be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many opinions. Gather feedback from a select few whose tastes align with yours. Sometimes, the more voices involved, the harder the decision becomes.

It's important to step back and cut yourself loose from certain ties: you don't have to ask your mum just because she's your mum.

Remember that an opinion is always a reflection of the persons upbringing, life experience, generation, look on the world, level of self confidence, and maybe even a certain need to fit in.


Consider how each dress will look in the context of your entire bridal ensemble. Think about the veil, earrings, and how each dress would pair with them. Visualizing the complete look can help you determine which dress complements it best. Try to catch yourself of guard a few times by putting yourself in front of an ultimatum: imagine today is your wedding day and you could pick a dress right now, or otherwise you're walking down the aisle in jeans.

A little bit of shock therapy works wonders.


Let us start with saying that timelessness isn't real. Timelessness looks different to every person, and when digging a little deeper, you will see that timelessness is bound to all kinds of socio-economic, cultural and financial aspects.

At September, we believe that the most timeless thing you can do is to live in the moment to celebrate yourself. It takes a lot of brain power to navigate through all the wedding related decisions. Being held back by the need to make it feel 'timeless' can build frustration. Don't take away your chance to have fun with your personal style, it's only one day.

Like all fashion industries, bridal also has it's micro trends. Before adding these trending items and accessories to your look, it's best to step back, analyse, and decide if this item will stand your test of time. Remember that all trending items have a life cycle built on consumerism. It doesn't have to be like this; you can absolutely add a quirky item to your look. By deliberately choosing to wear some micro trends, you need to make sure you made a careful consideration, only allowing items that reflect your personality to be part of your ensemble. It's fresh, fun, and often a real converstation starter.

The down side about adding micro trends is the risk of losing track. Overindulging in micro trends might lead to a cluttered or overly busy bridal ensemble. Striking the right balance between timeless and trendy is crucial to maintain elegance and harmony in your overall look. At September, we're here to advice you.

Remember, I bet your mum also thougth that her embellished 1980's big sleeved gown could withstand the test of time.


In the end, the most important piece of advice is to follow your heart. Trust your instincts and go with the dress that makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself. Remember that whichever dress you choose will be the right one for your special day. It's not a game show, it's not a test. It's a wedding day, and it's all about celebrating yourself in this moment.

Choosing between two gorgeous wedding dresses can be a challenging task, but with the right considerations, you can make a decision that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Take your time, weigh the factors that matter most to you, and ultimately, go with the dress that feels YOU.


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