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With so many choices available, and so many themes to play around with, staying intentional and true to your vision as a bride to be is essential. Easier said than done... Involving your friends and family on your bridal journey means getting help, having a fun, and spending a meaningful time with your loved ones even before the big day. It sometimes also means getting no, or worse: a negative reaction to something you were really hyped about, or you might find yourself following others opinions, leaving you confused. Sometimes you just don't know where to look anymore, and all the help you can get from previously married friends or family members can put you on a track.

The right track?

September will guide you through the process of selecting your bridal gown and accessories while avoiding the overwhelming effects of decision fatigue.

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When you really don't know where to start, Pinterest can be a great way to see a wide range of styles, images and ideas in a short amount of time. Allow yourself to go completely ham. Create a few boards and start adding to it. Now leave it for a week, maybe even a month. Come back to it, zoom out, analyse it and delete 99% of the images which don't resonate anymore. Ask yourself why you saved this image, and be strict with the answer. If you can't answer your own question in a blink of an eye, the image is going. Are you starting to see similarities? A vibe? You are now on your way to define your bridal style!


One way to combat decision fatigue is by defining your bridal style right from the start. Are you drawn to a certain style?

Find out what it is called, words that are in line with it, and which designers fall in that category.

You'll find out soon enough that lots of different styles get shoved under the same name, like "boho", or "modern". Avoid staying on the surface by not niching down enough. Clarifying your style preferences will help you narrow down your options and streamline your choices. By focusing on one particular style (and only one of its close sister styles), you'll save time and mental energy.


To stay intentional and organized, create a prioritized checklist of what you're looking for in your bridal gown and accessories. Rank your preferences by importance. Consider factors like the movement of fabric, wether you want to add traditional elements like lace, buttons, a veil. We think you're absolutely perfect the way you are but how do you feel about certain parts of your body? Certain dress shapes might work more in regard of your comfort. What are your non-negotionables?

This list will serve as your roadmap and help you make decisions more efficiently.


In the age of endless choices, it's crucial to limit your options. Avoid the temptation of mindlessly booking lots of different bridal appointments with boutiques that don't align with your vision. Stop the endless scrolling through online boutiques. From here on, you are banned from Pinterest. Use a "stop, drop, and/or roll" technique. Before you make your next move, stop, and ask if you are making an intentional choice. If not, drop it. If yes, let's roll!

Research and shortlist a few boutiques or designers that match your style and budget. Reducing the number of options at each stage of your search will make the decision-making process more manageable.

September got you with this one: we only represent a handful of designers who are very intentional about their creations. There's no browsing between 100 (or more!) gowns at September.


Let's start with: there are always dresses coming and going. Whilst waiting a while for a gown that ticks all the boxes is something we definitly recommend doing, playing the waiting game when it comes to finding the perfect bridal gown can be a bit of a gamble. While it might seem tempting to wait for the arrival of new collections in bridal shops, this approach can be a waste of your precious time.

Some bridal shops buy in a whole new collection each year for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. September likes to do things more meaningful. We only buy new samples whenever we feel drawn to a certain style or designer. More meaningful, more intentional, less being swamped with a shit load of new options. Ask yourself: what exactly are you waiting for? Newness for the sake of newness? A completely different dress then the ones on your wishlist, so you can try that one on to be sure it's not the one?

Don't let trends dictate your choice; let your personal style and comfort be your guiding lights in this important decision.


Decision fatigue can be physically and mentally draining. Don't be afraid to take breaks and step away from the decision-making process when you're feeling overwhelmed. Use this time to reflect on the options you've explored. Often, a little distance can provide clarity and allow you to make more intentional choices. Took a bit too much time reflecting and ended up with a rush fee? That's okay because eventually you need to...


Finally, remember that it's okay to make some trial-and-error choices along the way. Don't put excessive pressure on yourself to find the "perfect" gown in the perfect timeline. Sometimes you end up with a rush fee. Sometimes the bespoke options you had in mind just don't really work. You're very new to this, and can't possible know it all!


Opting for established designers with a track record of creating exquisite wedding gowns will provide a sense of security. You already made a really good choice by a bridal shop who know their stuff, and are working with designers who do, too. A renowned designer's expertise and attention to detail can simplify the process, making it easier for a you: already grappling with countless decisions. Ultimately, investing in quality materials alleviate the burden of decision fatigue.

Good quality fabric + designers who know what they're doing + September helping you with every step = easy choosing process!

Ready to find your gown?


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